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What do we do?

The Training & Placement Office at DSPM IIIT-Naya Raipur is concerned with every activity that enables students to learn and grow outside the Institute campus. On one hand, it collaborates with leading organizations and institutes in setting up internship and training program for the students while on other it enables the placement of students passing out from the Institute. The office liaises with prospective recruiters such as industrial establishments and corporate houses which conduct campus interviews and select students from both disciplines. It provides infra-structural facilities to conduct group discussions, tests, and interviews and other logistics required for the same.

The Training and Placement Cell of DSPM IIIT-Naya Raipur strives to get every student trained in the Institute placed in an organization of his or her liking and pursue their passion. To achieve this goal, this office focusses not only on academic skills but also on physical, behavioral and societal skills required to be a team player in the organization. For four years, we nurture our students to develop their all round abilities so as when they land up in the competitive world, they do not lag behind.


Admission into the B. Tech programs of DSPM-IIIT Naya Raipur takes place through the Joint Entrance Examination (Main). Salient Features of Academic Curriculum:-

• Basic Motto: Skill First, Theory later, Project integrated

•Run with Fractal Academic concept, similar to IIT Hyderabad.

• Common syllabus for both CSE, ECE upto 4 semesters

• Project in every semester from 5th Semester.

• Eighth (8) semester dedicated for project work only.

• Students are allowed to continue the same project from 5th to 8th Semester to increase the depth or they can take up different projects in different domains to increase their breath.

Academic Training

Skill first

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DSPM IIIT-Naya Raipur follows an innovative academic structure pioneered and first implemented by IIT-Hyderabad of fractal academics. This is considered as the first step towards experiential learning. At the center of Fractal Academics is the concept of T-concept of education – Breadth first and Depth next. A very similar concept is also being followed by IIT-Bhilai.

• Under this ‘T’ concept, course content is divided into two parts which require separate training. One part deals with the breadth of the topics and the other deals with depth of the concepts

• There can be more segments under each part dealing with either breadth or depth. Each segment is considered a fraction, thus it is said to be fractalized (divided) into various segments with 1 or 2 credits.

• Breadth courses are the basic building block for the depth courses.

• The fundamental idea is to atomize credits so as to enable the students to get a breadth of knowledge in more number of courses, however, deeper knowledge in the courses of their choice.

• Breadth courses are taught for first two years followed by depth courses for the remaining two years.

• Breadth courses are assigned 1 or 2 credits only. A number of such courses are offered to help build a broad perspective.

Theory Next

Depth courses are built on the foundation set by the breadth courses and are of 2 credits or more. Normally these are offered as elective courses. A student interested in pursuing a particular knowledge domain may opt for these courses.

Application Later

•Students are then required to work on mini/major projects to implement or understand the proof of concepts learned in depth courses.


IIIT–Naya Raipur Plot No. 7, Sector 24, Near Purkhoti Muktangan, Naya Raipur – 493661 Chhattisgarh

Tel:- (0771) 2474040

General Information:-  iiitnr@iiitnr.ac.in

Academic Affairs:-  registrar@iiitnr.edu.in

HR:- recruitment@iiitnr.ac.in

B.TECH Admissions:-  admission@iiitnr.ac.in

Ph.D. Admissions:-  phd_admissions@iiitnr.ac.in

Route from Raipur Railway Station to IIIT-NR:  https://goo.gl/maps/99ScvLnW9aT2

Route from Raipur Airport to IIIT-NR:  https://goo.gl/maps/B1sLfu9iRDk

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